Investment Banking


Due to our low overhead philosophy we are able to provide investment banking services to smaller companies and ventures that otherwise might get little attention from larger investment banks.

At times an investment idea related to the issuance of corporate securities comes up at one of our lunches. At other times we receive referrals from customers and friends. We then visit the company to meet with management and start the due diligence process, which typically includes review of production processes, distribution capabilities, and corporate records. If a certain comfort level can be achieved we formally review the idea internally before discussing the idea with our wider network of investment professionals. If we get comfortable with the investment merits of a possible securities issuance, and if we have located sufficient demand for the securities within our network we may eventually act as a placement agent.

In larger securities issuances we may act as a member in selling groups. We have regulatory authority to serve as an underwriter, but in recent years marketplace conditions have generally marginalized the attractiveness of serving in that capacity.

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