Third Party Marketing Services


Anyone who has ever set up his or her own money management firm quickly becomes aware of the administrative and operational challenges. The biggest problem is to stay focused, and to dedicate most of one’s time to the business of money management. Scarsdale Equities LLC is looking to help by introducing the right type of investor to a money manager.

Initially, money managers are faced with a multitude of distractions that can significantly increase the risk to their ventures becoming successful. We have helped several money managers get their businesses off the ground. Depending on availability and needs we can provide the perspective of experience, systems, systems support, and in some circumstances, office space.

Most important, many have found, are the synergies within our network. Constantly being exposed to a stream of original investment ideas, getting advice on which accountant, lawyer, or legal entity form to use can be of tremendous help to a start-up firm. We do not promise to be able to fund money managers, but sometimes we are in a position to make useful introductions.

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